Audrie Bergman- Not your normal Agent

As a knowledgeable Vegas native, and proud single mother of 4 wonderful children, and 1 fantastic granddaughter, I survived the market crash with my extensive accounting background and creative thinking. Combining commercial property management, new home building operations and another 15+ years in every aspect of real estate in the local Valley makes me especially suited to understand the needs of my clients, new and seasoned. I have walked in your shoes!
After the crash, I found myself in a "Celebrity"? world, running the operations of a professional athlete and all that requires, here and on the road. Unique and creative solutions require discretion, perseverance, and patience. I negotiated leases, rents, tenant improvements and many times was in the position of a "Buyer or Seller or Renter Lessor". Therefore, I understand what it's like to be on both sides of the fence, and I am energized when in Real Estate, no matter what I am doing.
It's no secret it all comes down to numbers, and they confuse everyone! Many people buy and sell property daily - missing small items and losing money, simply due to the language of their purchase or sale. I represent the best interest of my clients and their hard-earned dollars, accompanying you every step of the way, while keeping every dollar you deserve!
Whatever you need, combined with what you want - is what we will get you! I am here to be your partner and your adviser. I welcome the opportunity to meet with and assist you!